Website Development for Archiprix Portugal

Website Development for Archiprix Portugal


Archiprix is an internationally renowned platform dedicated to promoting and awarding the best projects in architecture, urbanism, and landscaping presented by graduates and recent graduates worldwide. In alignment with this global mission, Archiprix Portugal seeks to provide a prominent platform for young Portuguese talents in the field of architectural design.

Objective of the Website:

The primary objective of this project is to create a dynamic, intuitive, and aesthetically captivating website that not only serves as a central hub for showcasing the notable projects of Archiprix Portugal but also as a source of inspiration and a resource for enthusiasts, professionals, and entities related to architecture.

Key Features:

  1. Interactive Portfolio: The website will be a virtual space offering an immersive experience, allowing exploration of the winning projects, their narratives, and the context surrounding them.
  2. Ease of Navigation: The information architecture will be carefully designed to ensure intuitive navigation, enabling visitors to discover and appreciate projects efficiently.
  3. Submission Platform: We will integrate a dedicated platform for project submissions, streamlining the process for participants and ensuring effective management by the Archiprix Portugal team.
  4. Dynamic Updates: The website will be powered by a content management system allowing frequent updates, keeping visitors informed about events, news, and relevant opportunities.

Upon completing this project, our vision is to create an online environment that not only celebrates excellence in architectural design but also strengthens the architectural community in Portugal, inspiring future generations to innovate and transcend creative boundaries.

Project Details

Welcome to the groundbreaking project of developing the website for Archiprix Portugal, an exciting initiative aiming to showcase and acknowledge emerging talent and creativity in architecture and design.


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